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The forest and the lake of Decorata, which surround our restaurant, have many opportunities for you. Visiting us is not only an opportunity to taste our dishes, but also a way to escape from the chaos of the city and take refuge in a small paradise of tranquility.

The activities you can do in the area are really many. First of all fishing, a very boring activity for some, but which in reality gives you a moment of tranquility, of complete communion with nature. A moment in which you can stop to admire the wonders of the forest and Lake Decorata, to listen to the birdsong or simply to breathe the scent of unspoiled nature. Decorata lake is populated by a large variety of fish: Black Bass, carp, amur, tench. Many enthusiasts love to come here to devote themselves to Carp Fishing and often stay even for the night, especially in the summer season sleeping in tents. In short, our area also opens up to camping experiences in total tranquility.

If you want something more lively, an opportunity to do some sport or simply to distract yourself, in the Decorata woods there is a football field, a fitness trail with equipment placed on the sides of a path or you can take a bike ride. If you are interested in knowing the forest and exploring it, it is crossed by a long path that you can follow very easily, thanks to the signs, the wooden handrails and the fords for the streams. The trekking route is on average demanding, but along the way there are benches tables on which you can rest. Near these there are also fire points that can be used for a picnic in full respect of nature.

Finally, in the fall season many locals love to take a walk in the woods in search of wild mushrooms. Also in the area there is a drinking water fountain, built in the 50s.


Free Wi-Fi network for all our customers.


Wide parking area in front of the restaurant and on the shores of Decorata’s lake.


Restaurant totally immersed in nature, perfect place to chill and forget about the chaos that grips the city.


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